Jolly Lock IP Virtual Desktop was the first remote desktop designed especially for the gambling industry and now trusted by over 500 satisfied clients

Greg from Dundee says: I moved to Spain and need a solution to allow me to keep betting online, Jolly Lock has keep me online, thanks
Alison from Manchester says: As they say it does what it says on the tin
Kerry from Cardiff says: After completing all the sign up offers I found JL IPVD and still making great profit from Matched Betting
Barry from Devon says: Eye spy with my little eye, not any more Mr Bookie, JL keeps me safe
Chris from Newcastle says: Customer service is excellent and so is the product
Callum from Somerset says: Love the product, so nice to find a company that actually wants to beat the bookies at their own game


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A recent report released by an industry specialist suggested that free bonus abuse is costing the industry in the region of £20m a month.

Bookmakers are clamping down and monitoring account activity. All bookmakers have a risk-management team, people who are specifically employed to distinguish between ‘clever’ and ‘mug’ punters.

They are using advanced tracking technologies and spyware so they can monitor every click of your mouse, all the websites you visit, all your computers installation data, complete information from your registry plus full browser and operating system information.

You don’t even know when this code has been added and is running BUT rest assured they are monitoring everyone.

They decide if you are costing them too much money and if they want your business.

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